Welcome to Little Thumbs Up!

It's a series of cooking / baking blogging events that we had organised from Feb 2013 to March 2016. We are sorry to inform you that there won't any Little Thumb Up anymore but please feel free to browse the collections of recipes that we have cooked or baked previously.


These are the Little Thumbs Up events and themes that we had since Feb 2013:

Jan 2015 (Noodles and Pasta) by My Bare Cupboard
Feb 2015 (Cocoa) by Life can be simple

Mar 2015 (Banana) by BitterSweetSpicy
Apr 2015 (Chicken) by Domestic Goddess Wannabe
May 2015 (Yogurt) by Baking Taitai
June 2015 (Cream) by Domestic Goddess Wannabe
July 2015 (Tea) by Baking Taitai
Aug 2015 (Brown Sugar and Molasses) by Bakericious
Sep 2015 (Milo) by Bake for Happy Kids and My Little Favourite DIY

Oct 2015 (Coconut) by Bakericious
Nov 2015 (Mango) by Spice Up My Kitchen
Feb 2016 (Chrysanthemum and edible flowers) by Sweet Home-Chefs
Mar 2016 (Honey) by Joy 'N' Escapade